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The carefully selected leadership team at Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc., (SMARI) displays a deep commitment to customer service as we deliver timely, affordable and reliable marketing information. Clients are often wowed by our savvy, non-traditional style of problem solving.  All photo portraits by Karl Ahlrichs.

  • James Ittenbach - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    As an entrepreneur, Jim Ittenbach is always looking forward – considering the trends, new technology, and what the future has to offer.

    His curiosity has caused him to explore a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, financial, and retail.  Jim focuses on helping companies understand their markets, customers, products, and employees.  While overseeing day-to-day business operations at Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc., (SMARI), Jim’s role as President and CEO is to look for emerging business cycles and provide marketing consultation to clients.

    For Jim, market research is all about the process of discovery and helping clients find a new way to grow their business.  “Above all, I believe in learning from the client,” Jim says.  “If you do that, you’ll find that ‘what’s new?’ is only a moment away, and the next great discovery is always just around the corner.”

    Jim Ittenbach in the media:
    Answering the right questions
    Indianapolis Business Journal
    Ball State Alumnus magazine (page 41)

  • David Seiferth - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Not many market research professionals have the mind of a philosopher and the soul of a rock musician.  But then David Seiferth has always moved to the beat of a different drummer.  This has helped David see things from a different perspective – and to help clients break out of their ruts and embrace change.

    As Executive Vice President and Partner at Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc., (SMARI), David brings his creative outlook to all aspects of the business, from interacting with clients to designing studies and examining research concepts.  Known for his forthright approach, David challenges his clients to think about their business in new ways.  He also applies this to SMARI’s business and has spearheaded continual improvement in methodologies and research techniques.

  • Denise Miller - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Take a trip through Denise Miller’s life and you’ll soon realize that she’s a veritable explorer of uncharted territory.  Denise was in the first class of women admitted to the University of Notre Dame.  She has traveled throughout the world and has served as the leader of three different DMOs – including as Director of Indiana’s Tourism Division.

    As Vice President at Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc., (SMARI), Denise brings the same pioneering spirit to addressing the research needs of her clients.  She continues to explore new initiatives, to seek out new clients, and to pave the way for new design research methodologies.  Denise sees her greatest quest as helping clients interpret and apply the research findings and make better marketing decisions.

    Denise Miller in the media:
    Small budget hurts Indiana tourism efforts
    Indiana tourism spending is fraction of nearby states
    More directed tourism ads pay off for Utah

  • Constance Alexander - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Few people focus as much on helping people as Connie.  This may be exemplified by her strong commitment to United Way, but her clients also benefit from this strength.  Connie pairs a commitment to service with a thirst to learn, understand, and interpret information. 

    As Vice President at Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc., (SMARI), Connie digs through data on a daily basis. She devotes her time to research analysis, project management, client service, analyst oversight, and focus group moderation.  Her “whatever it takes” approach and ability to completely immerse herself in a project have won the admiration of many clients.  Connie just keeps digging and working until her clients strike gold.


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