News - September 2009

Room’s Ambience ‘Fingerprinted’ By Phone


Your smart phone may soon be able to know not only that you’re at the mall, but whether you’re in the jewelry store or the shoe store, researchers say. ... read more

Ein, Zwei, Molson Dry?


Researcher says hand gesturing to count in foreign countries can be tricky. ... read more

Sold-Out Products Influence Consumer Choice


An empty store shelf tempts shoppers to buy the next best thing, according to a new study from the University of Alberta. ... read more

How Would Einstein Use E-Mail?


Letter writers of yore had same correspondence patterns as e-mail users today ... read more

Negative Subliminal Messaging Works


Key to subliminal messaging is to keep it negative, study shows. ... read more

Rough Day At Work? You Won’t Feel Like Exercising


Using your willpower to do one task depletes you of the willpower to do an entirely different task, new research shows. ... read more

Planning, Positivism Influence Employment Success


New research shows that certain planning activities and positive emotions have a large impact on success in finding a job. ... read more

Saying Sorry Really Does Cost Nothing


Firms that say “we’re sorry” to disgruntled customers fare better than those that offer financial compensation, according to new research. ... read more

Parents’ Pants Are on Fire


Research shows parents use deception to influence their children. ... read more

Americans Decry Media’s Inaccuracy, Bias


The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match previous lows. ... read more

Think Memory Worsens With Age? Then Yours Probably Will


Thinking your memory will get worse as you get older may actually be a self-fulfilling prophecy, according to recent research. ... read more

Traditional Media Provide More Comprehensive News


Legacy media are more comprehensive and more technologically advanced than citizen media and bloggers, research shows. ... read more

You Might Like Being Your Own Boss


Frustrated with your job? You might consider working for yourself. Self-employed adults are significantly more satisfied with their jobs than other workers, according to new research. ... read more

Many Don’t Understand Weather Forecasts


The confusion comes because people don't understand what 20 percent chance of rain actually refers to. ... read more

Exerting Self-Control Is Exhausting


Research shows that simply imagining someone else exercising self-control can “wear out” our own self-control, leading us to spend more money or otherwise overindulge. ... read more

Consumers Are Changing Savings, Spending Habits


Consumer spending will lag rather than lead the recovery from the current recession, according to University of Michigan economist Richard Curtin. ... read more


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