News - November 2009

Shifting Blame Is Socially Contagious


New study from University of Southern California and Stanford University finds blame spreads rapidly. ... read more

Search Engines Are Source Of Learning


Search engine use is becoming part of our learning process, according to new research. ... read more

To Eat or Not to Eat? Mental Budgets Help Control Consumption


If you feel like you’re in a losing battle with a triple-chocolate cake, a “mental budget” can help, according to a new study. ... read more

How Consumers Navigate Choices And Inner Conflict


Research looks into how consumers make decisions about purchases. ... read more

Research Shows Larger ROI for ICVA


Advertising campaign produced 745,000 new visitors and $145 million in visitor spending, SMARI research reveals. ... read more

Text Messaging Might Lead to Repetitive Stress Injuries


Temple researcher studies the effects of too much texting on college students. ... read more

Nutritional Information Aids Purchase Decision


People would be willing to pay more for products that carry detailed nutritional information than for the so-called light items, according to market research. ... read more

Earthquakes actually aftershocks of 19th century quakes


Repercussions of 1811 and 1812 New Madrid quakes continue to be felt, research shows. ... read more

Social Media Require ‘Community Relations 2.0’


Boston College researchers find real-time advocacy challenges long-standing corporate practices. ... read more

Sleep Disturbances Improve After Retirement


This general improvement in sleep is likely to result from the removal of work-related demands and stress rather than from actual health benefits of retirement, researchers say ... read more


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