News - April 2010

Celebrity Endorsements Do Not Help Political Candidates, Study Shows


Two new studies from North Carolina State University show that young voters are not swayed by celebrity endorsements of political candidates – and sometimes voters like the candidate less as a result of receiving a celebrity’s endorsement. ... read more

Facebook Users Prefer Search with Specific Goal


Having a specific goal in mind provides more satisfying experience for Facebook users, study says. ... read more

Success of Brand Extension Depends on Overall Familiarity


Should a brand like Sony extend into binoculars or scanners? It depends on the competition. ... read more

Women’s Careers Suffer When Husband is a Workaholic


For dual-income husbands and wives, it’s still a man’s world. ... read more

Hawaiian Repeats as Top Airline in Annual Survey


For the second consecutive year, the performance of the nation's leading carriers improved, according to the 20th annual national Airline Quality Rating survey. ... read more

Apples for Me, Doritos for You


Consumers buy healthier foods for themselves and treats for others, research reveals ... read more


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