News - August 2010

New Media, Gadgets Transform Customer Relationships


The old straight line that governed customer relationship management has been replaced by a zig-zagging pathway that more closely resembles a game of pinball. ... read more

Genetics Affect Willingness to Take Surveys, According to Survey


Genetics play a key factor in whether someone is willing to take a survey, according to a new study from North Carolina State University. ... read more

Social Networking among Older Adults Sees Explosive Growth


Older users have been especially enthusiastic over the past year about embracing new networking tools. ... read more

Television and Telephone Fading in Favor


The television set and the landline telephone -- are suffering from a sharp decline in public perception that they are necessities of life. ... read more

Failure Can Help Organization Learn More than Success


Knowledge gained from failure lasts longer. ... read more

Many Are Still Clueless on How to Save Energy


People turn off lights in vain, ignoring real efficiencies, study shows. ... read more

Broadband Adoption Slows in 2010


Two-thirds of American adults (66%) currently use a high-speed Internet connection at home. ... read more

Assessing the Cell Phone Challenge


Approximately 25% of households (and 23% of adults) in the second half of 2009 had no landline service and only cell phone service. ... read more

Cross-Cultural Perspective Can Help Teamwork in the Workplace


Being aware of the environment that their co-workers come from may help people work together better. ... read more

Online Interactions Have Positive Effects for Real-Life Communities


Communication technologies serve to reinforce and regenerate geographically-based interaction, professors say. ... read more

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice . . .


Research shows what you say about others also says a lot about you. ... read more


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