News - March 2012

Trivial Choices are Agonizing when Stuck in Decision Quicksand


A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research explains why consumers get stuck in store aisles contemplating the dizzying array of options. ... read more

Consumers Who Lie are often more Satisfied


Consumers who lie during a service encounter are more satisfied than truth tellers when they get what they want. ... read more

Consumers Want to Pay Less for Bundled Products


Most consumers are not willing to pay as much for a combination as they would for two separate items. ... read more

Facebook Photo Can Say a lot About You


Your profile photo on Facebook tells viewers what they need to know to form an impression of you – no words are necessary, new research suggests. ... read more

How Newspapers Are Trying to Build Digital Revenue


Papers studied are losing seven dollars in print advertising for every one dollar they are gaining in new digital revenue. ... read more

Daylight-saving Time Leads to Cyber-loafing at Work


Web searches related to entertainment rise sharply the Monday after the shift to daylight-saving time, ... read more

Plot Structure of an Ad Can Increase Its Impact


The most popular example of the form is the MasterCard “Priceless” ad. ... read more


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