POSTED BY: | May 20, 2021

Four tips to help deal with or overcome burnout:

1. Get support

If your company offers an employee assistance program, remind your team that they have access to this resource. Support from co-workers, friends, family or a professional therapist can help employees overcome burnout.

2. Set a workday

Boundaries for work time and personal time are important for preventing burnout, and you can encourage your employees to set those boundaries.

3. Practice stress relief each day

Employees can relieve stress by taking meal breaks, practicing regular stretching, listening to music or talking with co-workers or friends.

4. Take vacation time

Paid time off is a benefit that is important for employees’ well-being. When people return to work from vacation, they often feel refreshed and re-energized. Encourage employees to use their PTO fully for maximum rest and relaxation time away from the job.

Remote working is accelerating a shift in corporate culture that will likely allow for more flexibility. But whether employees are working remotely or on-site, burnout is still possible. It’s important for CEOs to recognize the signs of work from home burnout in their employees, provide the opportunity for open conversations to address sources of burnout, and offer options to support an employee’s recovery. Executives must also pay attention to their own energy levels and notice whether they may be experiencing burnout as well.

By evolving management styles to incorporate more vulnerability and empathy, leaders and team members can help support each other to prevent and overcome burning out.