Since 1983 SMARI has been helping clients get the research they need and apply that research to make the best business decisions.

We are a full-service market research company that has expanded from its local roots, gaining national and international projectsWhile growing, we have continued to focus on personalized service.  Each client deals with senior staff to ensure the quality and relevance of the final results.  SMARI utilizes cutting-edge research techniques to address the needs of clients and bring the “voice of the customer” to the decision process.


SMARI is the “custom tailor” of market research companies. Our mission is to provide customized solutions that recognize the unique challenges that each client faces. At SMARI we dare to think in nontraditional ways. We never stop asking, “Why?” That’s how we discover ways that others would overlook to guide change and provide our clients with the confidence to succeed through targeted market research.

First we think; then we do.

SMARI places great emphasis upon diligent needs analysis before tailoring a custom market research plan. We carefully do our homework to ensure complete understanding of all perspectives and challenges.  We then guide clients through the problem-solving process to enable smart decisions, made with confidence.