So, what do we do?

We begin with a simple question – why do we need research?

We will help find the underlying need and fully invest in understanding your business needs, questions, and strategies so our market research can enable the best decision making. From ideation, our team of professionals will design the study, collect the data, analyze the results, and uncover the insights to move research from the “what” to “so what?” and then actionable “now what” recommendations.


We consider our clients to be partners. SMARI aims to feel more like an extension of your team rather than a vendor. We are a full-service market research company that partners with their clients from start to finish.

We will provide actionable insights by embedding ourselves in our client’s reality. As a team, we will do whatever it takes to deliver what we promise on time and at budget.


Our goal is to deliver our clients information they can use to make critical decisions. Our research provides the confidence in outcome that will help guide change and put corporations on the pathway to profitability.

SMARI goes further to provide insights that are thorough, scientifically accurate, and delivered in the most useful way for our clients. This goes beyond the simple WebEx presentation and can take the form of infographics, small-group presentations with various departments, town hall discussions, visual analytics, and “research workshops” in which all the decision makers and researchers collaborate and brainstorm to use the research to make real-time decisions.