James Ittenbach

POSTED BY: | November 22, 2019

Consumers determine if your marketing message delivers value in seconds. Miss the mark; they’re gone! The essence of the message delivered must provide relevance; tailored to where that consumer is in their purchase journey. The message must go beyond behavior based to embody an emotional or experiential connection that can deliver instant gratification upon receipt. Now, staying competitive requires an ability to scale this process across multiple product lines supported by the agility to anticipate change in real-time. Sounds daunting, absolutely. So, let’s break the process down and get started.

Keeping customer engaged with your messaging, supported by vigilance to behavioral shifts, will foster customer trust, by allowing you to deliver meaningful messaging that are tuned into each consumer’s emerging value tenants. Soon, you will learn how to anticipate what is desired concomitantly with the consumer. The reward? Cutting acquisition cost in half and bolstering gross profits by a double-digit percentage.


Getting to this level of intimacy with consumers begins with a behavior-based segmentation that is emboldened with consumer conversations that provide valuable insights. The focus is to learn where in the purchase journey, your customer realizes value or identifies a need that could be satisfied by you.


Prepare your organization to pay attention and respond quickly with a personal message that demonstrates your sensitivity and understanding of their underlying need and emotional trigger to engage.  The customer’s realization of this understanding accelerates purchase interest and trust that satisfaction can be realized from you.

Loyalty evolves as your customer realizes repeated recognition of what matters most to them and trust that you know and understand what they desire. To get here, you will need to integrate on-line browsing behavior supported by tracking social media posts.  The integration of behavior-based messaging, emotion-laden images and on-target messaging that demonstration relevant value demonstrates the level of sensitivity needed to engage consumers beyond transactional relationships.


Transforming your marketing processes to deliver personalized triggers, in response to individual customer signals, will require rethinking the way you configure your marketing teams. You should adopt a small team mentality. Typically, less than seven individuals, who are dedicated and allowed to focus upon a micro-segmented customer works best. These teams are multi-functional, comprised of creative, digital marketers, consumer analyst, and IT technicians.

Their primary mission is to develop and deliver continuously improving customer experiences, while remaining forever vigilant to any shifts in behavior, values, needs, wants and, most importantly, desires.

This will require real-time monitoring of their targeted customer group, supported by an ability to deliver meaningful, relevant messages that can trigger engagement while cultivating trust, loyalty, and profits. Wow! Difficult, but doable.

Partners Help:

Often, working with a consultative, research partner, versed in supporting consumer conversations, are needed to develop the micro-consumer-segmentation, develop meaningful personas, and begin the behavior/emotional monitoring process. Linking this type of feedback with connections to relevant message development can be guided; using real-time testing methods.

Mastering these methods will cut costs, improve marketing efficacy and, ultimately, bottom-line profitability – guaranteed!

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Jim Ittenbach