POSTED BY: | April 10, 2023

How is today’s business climate impacting your business?

If you’re seeing what we’re seeing at SMARI, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the business marketplace these days. From the ups and downs of the stock market, inflation, bank failures, fluctuating jobs reports, and widespread corporate layoffs, it’s hard to get a handle on what’s really happening in today’s business environment.

You can eliminate much of this uncertainty in one simple step – by conducting market research. For us at SMARI, this starts by asking, what is your research question?

In-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys can help you navigate through this uncertainty by listening to, capturing, and understanding the psyche of your target audience. Research gives us a window into the hearts and minds of your customers and allows us to better understand how they think, feel, and do what they do.

Some of our recent client partnerships have focused on using research in the following ways…

  • In-person product testing with consumers to assess product viability and to help optimize current features and benefits as compared to an existing competitive set of products;
  • Branded and unbranded concept testing to gauge the true impact of the brand on customer perceptions;
  • Tracking studies for continuous monitoring of brand performance, strengths, and perceived weaknesses; and
  • In-depth interviews with decision makers to better understand their wants and needs, as well as to identify the current challenges they’re facing in a competitive business-to-business market.

With 40 years in the business, SMARI knows market research. This experience has provided us with the opportunity to develop a working expertise across a multitude of industries. Our goal is to solve business problems by providing thoroughly researched insights that inform business decisions.

The vast majority of our clients are repeat customers. Our goal is not to just conduct an isolated study and then walk away, but instead, understand your individual business and research needs. We embed ourselves in our client’s reality to feel more like an extension of your team rather than just a vendor.

We’re in the business of providing answers. What’s your research question?