POSTED BY: | April 5, 2019

Historically, it was an employee’s responsibility to impress the employer – no more!  As we emerge from the “Great Recession,” a clash is occurring between the employee work-life-balance expectations and the employer’s need to remain relevant in hyper-competitive markets.

On the employer’s side, a survey among decision makers revealed that successful companies must hire committed individuals possessing three essential skills:

1) critical thinking
2) effective communication and
3) the perseverance to drive results.  

This is certainly true within our consulting organization.  Unfortunately, our skills assessment profiles are proving that, even among short list contenders, few have this skill set.  So, when a job seeker profiling these attributes materializes, we are quick to make an employment offer. To our chagrin, once negotiations have settled salary, vacation, benefits, and career path determinants, the more pivotal conditions of employment quickly surface among the talented.  

On the employee’s side, a similar survey indicated that talented workers are unwilling to commit to a job that does not

1) provide an engaging work environment
2) promote continuous learning and
3) support a work/life balanced culture.  

Employers can only blame themselves for these dispositions; after all, little employee protection was provided while managing profitability during the volatile market conditions of the Great Depression. So, it should be of little surprise as to why workers are unwilling to invest amazing time and effort, void of recognition that work is only one part of their life.

That said, competitive capitalism works best when organizations earn more money than the cost to deliver relevant value to customers. Now, we all know that exceptional customer experiences can only be delivered by exceptional workforce commitments. Therefore, a win / win outcome must be co-managed by employer and employee.

My experience has shown that authentic relationships, supported by transparent performance and reward metrics, keep it real and rewarding for all.  Oh yeah, we also provide profit sharing!

Live long and prosper.